Film Festival Co-Founder: Eva Louis is a producer, writer and actor known for her work in the local film community with several short films, feature films as well as projects that are planned for release in 2017 (Chained, Desperado Noir, The Last Responders) and Dark Dignity which premiered in Jan 2017.  She has specialized in social media, marketing and promotions of artists and individuals in film, fashion, arts, music, and entertainment. Eva works with several film festival systems as well as entertainment platforms with evolving connections in the industry nationwide. In addition to her work in film and marketing, Eva works with Phoenix Fashion Week and is also on the board of directors for Arizona Apparel Foundation (non-profit).  She is president of Chronic Behavior LLC where her team focuses on supporting clients with business strategies development, marketing plans and implementation, promotion campaigns, branding development as well as personal coaching.  She supports clients involved in music, film, venue management, charities and a plethora of other fashion, music, and entertainment organizations.
Film Festival Co-Founder:  Kim A. Huenecke is an actor known for her work in the local film community with several short films, feature films as well as projects that are planned for release in 2017 and Dark Dignity which premiered in Jan 2017.  She volunteers in the local community working with other local film festivals and women’s organizations.  She is an advocate for others and loves to highlight the good things that are happening in the community.
If you are interested in volunteering, please send an E-mail: or send a direct message via Facebook
Film Festival Press Liaison: Keenan Murray is a Phoenix, Arizona based writer, producer, and director. He has been writing screenplays since 2000 when he wrote his first feature film, The Lost Treasure of Captain Blood – Secret of the Mariner’s Star. This children’s action-adventure script was inspired by his own childhood daydreams of swashbuckling pirates and buried treasure.  He also wrote the feature film The Choice for a local Christian production company, Five Talent Films, and later acted as a script advisor for their follow-up movie, My Angel.  Following those feature films, he was hired by a production company in northern California, 3 J Films, LLC, to write a children’s film called Chasing Rodriguez.  During the last five years, he has proceeded to push his personal boundaries by producing and directing his own short films and most recently has been involved with producing music videos.
Filmmaker Liasion: Melissa Ann Marie Farley Melissa Ann Marie Farley is a professional film, theater and commercial actress in the Phoenix, L.A, New Mexico & Las Vegas markets, with more than a dozen short films and several feature films in national and international distribution. She has worked with Criss Angel Productions, CMT, Discovery ID, SPIKE TV, RUNWAY, Verizon, Gannett, Budweiser, HBO and more. Melissa is the creator and founder of Fun Sized Production where she directs and produces projects such as ‘Blackbird,’ ‘Birthday Girl,’ ‘Mr. Nobody’ and independent films. Under the Fun Sized umbrella.  Born and raised a Phoenix native, Melissa, a summa cum laude graduate of ASU majored in Interdisciplinary Arts. Melissa works full time as a Social Media and Digital Content Producer for The USA TODAY NETWORK at azcentral.  She is also the Audience Engagement Specialist for Filmstock Film Festival. In this role, she manages the Actors Showcase, red carpet events and Filmstock monthly socials. When not on a film set this Italian fireball can be found at Disneyland, painting on the patio with a glass of wine, vlogging, or travelling.  To book Melissa, please contact the Deborah Maddox Agency.
Film Festival Organizer: Michelle Y. Allen is an Arizona indie film producer, actor and casting agent, as well as a model and public speaker.  Michelle has appeared on stage, television, commercials and in several award winning indie films, including “The Woman of the Mountain” (2015), “Extra Sausage” (2016) and “Go Ahead and Jump” (2017) and was thrilled to have been cast in the recently released “Dark Dignity” (2017). She has helped produced several local films, including the much anticipated and soon to be released “The Last Responders: Life After Death” (2017) and “Stay” (2017) and she is currently in preproduction for an upcoming short thriller, “Finally, You” (2018?). Michelle is extremely active in the local indie film community and volunteers her time to several events and festivals throughout the year. Michelle is looking forward to working with the First Annual Worldwide Women’s Film Festival and in helping to bring quality films to Arizona that help to support, educate and empower people, especially women.